Rating Systems

Complexity Rating System

You may wonder why forks? Well, I think that the more difficult the recipe is to master, or at the least complete, the more you will want stab yourself, or others, with them!

 vintage forkvintage forkvintage forkvintage forkvintage forkThis is worthy of a Master Chef Pressure test – Holy Hallucinations Batman! What was I thinking? Diff-i-cult.

 vintage forkvintage forkvintage forkvintage forkThis recipe is not beyond your grasp but it will require planning and preparation – Roll me in breadcrumbs and call me a chicken nugget! Effort Required. This is worthy of a scout achievement badge!

  vintage forkvintage forkvintage forkThis isn’t a sci-fi movie where the food cooks itself so roll your sleeves up as you might get a bit dirty – May cause you to wipe your brow once or twice! Definitely do-able. Time is required.

vintage forkvintage fork This is no fuss cooking at its best but you will have to put the glass of wine down – Sweet as! Simple dimples! Like fishing with dynamite!

 vintage forkYou only need one hand to make this recipe so put a glass of wine in the other hand and enjoy – Easy peasy! Basically child’s play. You could do this blindfolded!


Taste Rating System

Many other internet and blog sites use chef hats, stars, or rolling pins to rate the taste of a dish or meal. I prefer the spoon rating system. I believe the spoon represents the speed at which you would attempt to devour the meal placed in front of you. 

You can decide with one spoonful what you think of a dish. Would you take one taste then push the plate away from you – much like a child would do when you have served them something they don’t like or think they don’t like (this would also be accompanied by folded arms and a very droopy bottom lip).  Or would you devour the delicacy in front of you like you’d just finished the 40 hour famine, scrape the bottom of the plate or bowl and then when you think no one is looking – lick the plate. The more spoons I rate a dish the more impressed I am with the it.

spoonspoonspoonspoonspoonI have died and gone to foodie heaven – orgasmic, luscious, scrum-didili-umptious!

spoonspoonspoonspoonMy taste buds are excited about this – exceptional, pleasurable, party-in-my-mouth!

spoonspoonspoonI MUST add this to my repertoire…..or steal the recipe- enjoyable, delightful, yummo-licious!

spoonspoonNot to my liking and I would never order or make it again – just edible, below average, tastebud nullifier!

spoonI want to regurgitate it all, wipe my mouth out with the napkin and try to forget it ever tainted my tastebuds – yucky, frightful, horrendible (horrendously inedible)!


An aside: Have you noticed that the graphics for my rating system use the same utensils as are represented in my blog logo – a fork and spoon?  If only I could tell you this was a brilliant design move on my behalf but it was not planned and is purely coincidental. If only you thought I knew what I was doing.