Hi, my name is Gourmet Salvor and I am an addict.

I am addicted to tearing recipes out of magazines I buy (and those I strategically remove whilst coughing in waiting rooms). I then throw them in a draw in my study never to be seen again. I also print recipes off internet sites, buy lots of recipe books, save numerous links to recipes on Pinterest and collect hand written recipes from friends only to find they all end up in the same draw in my study. Lucky for me, and you, it is a very deep draw.

I have set myself a goal of trying these recipes (whilst obviously accruing more in my collection) and have organised all the torn out recipes into folders by category. Instead of waiting for that special occasion to enjoy these meals, I’ve declared one day in every month a special occasion (of course there could be more!). I invite you to join me on this culinary escapade which will reveal just which recipes are as tasty, simple or fast as they proclaim.


My interest in cooking started in my home kitchen with my Mum. She used to let me help her make the family meals but I loved helping her bake cakes the most. I’m not sure if that was because I wanted to have access to the leftover mix in the bowl before the rest of my family or if I was a budding cook in training. My Mother loved entertaining and there would regularly be dinner parties in our home which she would use as a launch pad to try the newest thing to hit the culinary market. These were always joyous occassions and it was the food and people that defined these events for me. Either way these were the memories I cherished the most as a child.

During my primary school days, I was caught many times by my mother pretending I was a TV Chef making meals at the kitchen bench looking out the window like I was peering into a TV Camera. I would give my imaginary viewers advice on how to best chop the processed cheese and spam so that it would make an impact in “your everyday salad”. I even suggested they only grill one side of their toast and butter the non-toasted side so they could get the best of toast and fresh bread – I was clearly ahead of my time (he,he).

By the time I reached high school the Catholic School System made it compulsory for girls to enrol in Home Economics and Typing. As I was a terrible seamstress, I opted for the cooking classes and left the sewing machine to gather dust in the garage. On many occasions my Mum would ask me what I wanted to do on my school holidays and I regularly asked to enrol in cooking school programs – I learnt to make a mean beef stroganoff in the microwave one year (well microwave technology was the biggest thing in cooking in those days!).

Since then I have completed a Culinary Diploma and regulary attend cooking classes, TAFE programs, food and wine festival master classes and experiment in my kitchen with recipes from around the world. I have even spent weekends away with some of my friends mothers learning the basics of Greek or Spanish cooking. And of course I still cook with my Mum. Mostly my attempts have been successful but there have also been the disasters – have you ever misused mixed herbs for mixed spices when making an apple pie?

I truly love to cook and entertain. For me cooking shows your family and friends how much you love and respect them. I think the success to my cooking is that my love moves through the spoon into the dish and it is this love that they taste (of course good produce and quality ingredients help a lot).

I’m not a chef – I’m a cook – and I will endeavour to keep expanding my talents for years to come. As long as there is food, I’m going to love cooking it and of course eating it.